Welcome to DIS

Our Customers
Dealers and distributors of agricultural equipment, construction equipment, and lift trucks.

Our Products
Comprehensive business system solutions, IBM business system servers, innovative manufacturer communications, complete peripheral and networking infrastructure.

Our Services
30 years of recognized industry-leading software training, hardware installation, and complete business system support.

Our Promise
To provide the best comprehensive dealership business system available and deliver a premium level of customer service.

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Specializing in your industry

What makes DIS better? We know and understand your industry. DIS specialize in software solutions to help you better manage your business. Please select your industry and see what we have to offer you.

Agricultural Equipment

DIS serves more agricultural equipment business system customers than all our competitors combined.

Construction Equipment

With two business systems solutions to choose from, DIS has the perfect system for a dealership with one location, 10 locations, or over 100 locations. Which is better for you? Let us help you decide.

Lift Truck

As the leading supplier to the lift truck market, DIS again sets the standard.