QuipWare is the new enterprise management software system designed exclusively for distributors. With QuipWare you can manage your entire company more efficiently & more profitably than ever before.

QuipWare is a new enterprise management software system designed exclusively for distributors. With QuipWare you can manage your entire company more efficiently & more profitably than ever before.

Your computers hold mountains of information - customer accounts, new equipment inventory, used goods, rentals, parts inventories, service procedures, orders, payables, receivables, financial projections and much more.

QuipWare is the solution for managing your company more effectively. QuipWare is the first and only comprehensive software for the distribution industry that is Microsoft Windows-based.

Operating your company successfully demands that you manage information efficiently. Your staff needs seamless access to the programs and data throughout all your departments to perform at peak potential.

Reports Are Simple
Preparing reports is quick and simple with Standard Management Reports. Flexible, custom reports and queries are easily created for any combination of information, using an ODBC program like Seagate Crystal Reports.

Go International Quickly
Since QuipWare is multi-language and multi-currency, it is ideally suited for international operations. You can define the preferred language for each user, branch, company or customer.

Windows Based For Easy Operation
To set our software far above all others and make QuipWare easy for everyone to use, we developed our system with a Microsoft Windows standard Graphical User Interface (GUI). Anyone experienced with other Microsoft products will find the same high standards here. Using a Windows interface rather than menus gives users a quick, visual, graphical view of the information. With icons, drop-down menus, color- coding and other GUI features, QuipWare is remarkably user- friendly and more intuitive to learn.

Our open relational database allows users to perform flexible searches to associate unlimited pieces of information. For example, you can search for a product or customer by any part of the name, ID, description or other criteria.

The user-defined setup, defaults, navigation and security built into QuipWare make the system work the way that is most efficient for each individual user. You can choose your language, your own way of accessing programs and your own way of moving through a program. Different security levels can be assigned to different users to limit access to sensitive data.

Easily Integrate With Other Programs
QuipWare can be integrated with Microsoft Office, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft NetMeeting and other ODBC software to easily export data from QuipWare into your favorite third- party software programs. The reverse also works: you can import data into QuipWare. With Data Warehouse tools, you can store historical information without clogging up your main system.

Designed Specifically For Distributors
All these advanced technologies are incorporated into the QuipWare system. We designed the software for the specific needs and demands of distributors. The result is the most powerful business management tool available. The bottom line is your bottom line: QuipWare will help you run your business more profitably.

QuipWare's advanced technologies allow a new approach for helping you solve problems. We can log on to your terminal server to troubleshoot your system from our office. Now, instead of dispatching a technician to you or trying to explain a solution over telephone, your service representative can observe your situation live and then show you how to fix it.

Key Benefits

Microsoft® Windows® standard GUI (Graphical User Interface)

Open relational database


Client independent (NT Windows-based PC or laptop. network computer)

Multi-language and multi-currency

Integration with other ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) software (e.g. Microsoft® Office, Microsoft® Exchange, Seagate Crystal Reports™)

User-defined setup, navigation and security

On-line Documentation via web